If you’re reading this post, you’re probably a friend or acquaintance of mine. Yep, I’m starting a blog. Nope, there’s no reasonable justification for doing so. The world is full of blogs, it’s kind of ridiculous to start one right now. But then, no more ridiculous than trying to write a book or a song in a world full of them. To create into a world that is saturated with creations. Hopefully I can justify oversaturating this world that little bit more.

For the time being a lot of posts on this blog will cover two topics: preparing one’s design portfolio for the wacky world of finding a job, and preparing one’s overabundant possessions for an impending move to a location pretty far away. Maybe an aside or two about preparing one’s cats for being without their owner for a few weeks and then being moved several hundred miles. Cats don’t like that very much so it should be infinitely interesting to read about.