It’s been a few days since I wrote my first entry into this blog. I suppose it’s in the nature of blogs to be updated fairly frequently and I’ve considered posting something here and there but to be honest, there hasn’t been a lot worth blogging about, so I’ve hesitated, not wanting to cover ridiculous minutiae.

I have begun coding the new version of my portfolio site. For a graphic designer, your portfolio is the biggest part of preparing to look for a job, and for a web designer it’s much the same. I’m looking for jobs as both and they dovetail pretty nicely. It’s very strange because you’re essentially trying to reinvent yourself or brand yourself. It’s also a huge task so it’s hard to know where to begin.

SketchbookAt the moment I’m working on a skeletal layout. I’ve done some sketching and come up with a rough design I like. I want the site to be fairly simple with only a little styling at the top, but nothing too distracting. As I mentioned before I’ve started coding on it, shouldn’t be long now before I have something concrete completed.

I also might be DJing at a mall in Pittsburgh during some sort of a fashion show. Unfortunately it’s not a paid gig but I have trouble turning down gigs and I’m always thinking I could use the experience. I’m currently quasi-resident at Duck & Cover, a pretty chill night where I mostly spin funk and odd other items alongside my friends Paul and Matt, who play a lot of afrobeat and reggae. I have intentionally neglected to schedule myself many regular events because I end up spending so much time preparing for them and flyering and the like that I neglect other more critical duties. But in a couple weeks I am probably going to be spinning at a big dance party at my house which should be fun.

There you have it. A not-terribly-concise roundup of all things me. I’ll try to keep regular entries up and worthwhile. I’m still getting a feel for what’s worthy of blogging and what isn’t. It is nice to have some place to collect and present your thoughts and activities if nothing else. Hopefully it’s not too dull for you all.