Diggin the scene with a gangsta lean…

So, a lot has gone down since I have updated this. I spent last week packing up my stuff and putting it in my bedroom, and Friday night around 10pm I left Morgantown, arriving in New York (after about 4 hours of naps at various rest stops) at 8:30 the next morning. I’ve spent almost the entire time here finishing up my web portfolio. Check it out here.

Tomorrow I’m going back into the city to hit the pavement. I’ve been staying with my friend in Newburgh, NY, a slow suburbanish town about an hour North of the city. There’s not much to do here which has been good because I needed a state of no distractions to finish everything up.

I’m feeling super-productive now after getting that enormous gorilla off my back, and I’m ready to start sending out cover letters, drinking Red Stripe at a bar where it’s the cheapest option and looking at overpriced studio apartments.
Brooklyn here I come.